Purity, pornography and the Internet

In what seemed like a dream while I was still awake, I saw a man sitting in front of his computer. He was surfing on the Internet and large waves of water appeared on the computer screen. Suddenly one of the waves rolled through the screen, flushing over the man and making him soaking wet.




Young amorous couple in love

A covenant revealing the nature of God

Before any other institutions, prior to forming of he nations of the world and a long time before the church was born, God established marriage. The first humans were created as man and woman, and God revealed himself in the relationship between them. Marriage gave evidence of the unity in the Trinity and the love of God became visible.




vintage wedding photo. just married couple


The perfect match

In several Norwegian fairy tales Espen Cinderlad wins the princess and half the kingdom and lives happily ever after. Today many would claim that they would live happily forever as well, if only they met their perfect match. In the old days parents and potential in-laws decided who should marry whom. In modern times we take for granted that a marriage is to be based on romantic love.


Man shaves with a razor blade and shaving creamMale sexual anatomy

Male and female sexual organs are different in many ways, but nevertheless they fit perfectly together. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology is important to understand the physical differences between men and women. Knowledge may never replace commitment and love in a marriage relationship, but missing knowledge often creates sexual problems that might easily be avoided.



beautiful girl doing daily morning routinesFemale sexual anatomy

Even though the female genitalia look very different compared to the corresponding male organs, they offer many points of resemblance. Until the seventh week of gestation, there are no visible differences between male and female embryos. After seven weeks the male embryo starts its production of the male sex hormone testosterone which causes the embryological development of male sexual organs. In the absence of testosterone, a female body is developed.


sperm cellsContraception

The condom and the diaphragm prevent the sperm cells from fertilizing the egg. Contraceptive pills, patch, ring and injections prevent ovulation. The Implanon contraceptive stick prevents ovulation, while the Jadelle stick does not. Intrauterine devices and mini pills cause the uterine mucous membrane to reject the fertilized egg. Emergency contraceptive pills prevent ovulation when taken early in the period, after ovulation has occurred they function as mini pills.


???????????????A strong pelvic floor

A strong pelvic floor is essential to avoid urinary incontinence and other problems after childbirth. In addition, strong pelvic muscles will have positive influence on sexual satisfaction for both the man and the woman. These exercises involve isolating, contracting, holding and releasing the PC-muscle or pubococcygeus muscle.